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Can I make my own family crest for my signet ring?

Can I make my own family crest for my signet ring?

Are you interested in having a custom signet ring made, but don’t have a family crest? 

If you don’t have a family crest or coat of arms, there are a couple of options you can consider.

Firstly, you can do some research online through heraldry websites, like Coat of Arms Database, to see if there is a known coat of arms or crest for your family name.

You might be able to quickly find a picture of your coat of arms by doing an online search of your surname. Or, you may enjoying researching your genealogy, which could lead you to find records of a crest belonging to your ancestors. 

At Benjamin Black, we do our own research during the design process to make sure we understand the ins and outs of each design. This means we're better positioned to give you guidance on customising your crest according to what is meaningful to you. 

Secondly, if you don’t have a crest - or haven't been able to find one - you can create a new one!

What exactly is a family crest?

Family crests originated in medieval Europe, where they were used to identify knights and nobles in battle. Over time, they became a way for families to distinguish themselves and showcase their social status.

Today, family crests are often used as decorative elements on household items, such as flags, stationery, and jewellery.

When creating your own crest, you can choose to use all or some or even just one of these elements. Have a look at our blog detailing the aspects and meaning of a family crest. 

It’s important to note you can be as traditional or contemporary as you like. What matters is what is meaningful to you - and what you feel authentically represents the legacy of your family. 

When choosing a custom signet ring maker to work with, remember that a good one will take your ideas, thoughts and guidance, then use their design skills to weave together symbols and imagery to represent your identity.

They will ask you questions like - what is meaningful to your family? Are there any important traditions you share? Are there any symbols or text you find meaningful?

Here are 3 examples of family crests we have created:

1. Beale Family Crest

The Beale family didn't have a family crest but had lots of ideas they they wanted to incorporate into their design. We started with a logo from a hotel their family used to own, then we united other elements from their past into a cohesive design.

Beale Family Crest

Beale Family Crest Signet Rings by Benjamin Black

2. Scottish Thistle & Anchor Crest 

Be encouraged as you read this blog about family heritage, a grandmother’s artwork and a story to capture for generations to come.

3. Reon & Kate

This stunning couple did have individual family crests but wanted to create signet rings that wove in elements of each, to signify their new story together.

Combined Family Crest Rings by Benjamin Black

If you are thinking of creating a signet ring to represent your family, contact our design team at or give us a call on +64 3 546 9137. We’d love to help you create something special.


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