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What is a Coat of Arms?

What is a Coat of Arms?

A Coat of Arms engraving is one of the most popular options for people who order a custom signet ring.

Coats of Arms were traditionally passed down through generations. Most commonly used throughout the 11–17th centuries, they represent important family symbols and values. 

Medieval knights often had their coats of arms on their shields, to proudly display. their achievements and family heritage. 
In a full coat of arms, like the image above, the crest is the symbol that is shown on the top.

For people who want a less complex engraving on their signet ring,  they can opt to have only the crest engraved instead. This enables the image to be more clearly seen and recognised.

Family Crest Engraved Custom Signet Ring by Benjamin Black

Designing your own coat of arms can be a lot of fun. Think about achievements and symbols that represent what's important to your family. This could be sports, places, hobbies, and you can even come up with a family motto. 

At Custom Signet Rings by Benjamin Black, our talented design team can work with you to design a unique coat of arms.

Talk to us about creating yours by email on or phone +64 3546 9137, or place your order online. 


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