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Your Story.
Your Signet Ring.

We custom design signet rings that reflect the individuality of each wearer using time-honoured manufacturing techniques and local New Zealand expertise. Each ring is made to the highest standard to stand the test of time. Tell your story and invest in your legacy today.  

A Ring Like No Other

It’s not just a piece of metal. It’s part of your identity. We craft each ring to capture the essence of what’s important to you.

A Modern Take On
Traditional Ring Making

We combine traditional techniques with modern ring making methods to create signet rings that last. Our rings are made with precious metals. Every detail is refined to perfection to create a quality ring you won’t want to take off. Your ring will make a statement that mass produced rings can’t.

A Modern Take On Traditional Ring Making

We use traditional gold and silver smithing practices, to ensure every piece is made to the highest standard of workmanship, and lasts for generations.

We Know Signet Rings

We go the extra mile to create signet rings that go beyond mere fashion and capture personal stories that can’t be picked off a store shelf. Whether you want a fifth-generation wax seal ring, have a special milestone to celebrate or just want a simple monogram ring, you’re at the right place. 

Our Process

Our Signature Signet Ring


We're proud to offer free shipping within New Zealand and affordable shipping worldwide.


Our Signet rings are handcrafted by our qualified jewellers.


We use quality durable metals to create your bespoke ring which last for years.

“There’s a growing awareness of provenance and craftsmanship. We are finding people want to buy ethically made products that have been hand crafted in New Zealand.”

“There’s something special about working with a person to create a piece uniquely for them, weaving in their ideas, memories and personality.”

“Nelson jeweller Benjamin Black Goldsmiths illustrates how starting off in the regions can give a business the freedom to take risks.”





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