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In a world where mass production is the norm,
it’s good to know that there is still a place for handcrafted, quality signet rings.

Benjamin Black Goldsmiths Signet Rings


Signet rings first made an appearance in Mesopotamia in 3500BC. These early signet rings featured rolling seals which could be rolled across wet clay to create a unique impression. The rings would be used to seal envelopes, jars and packages.

Over time, other cultures started using signet rings.

Early Minoans used signet rings made from soft stones and ivory. Egyptian pharaohs wore signet rings to demonstrate their royal status and Romans wore them as a sign of wealth and class.

Centuries passed and signet rings were increasingly used to authenticate documents. A ring, usually emblazoned with an emblem or family crest, would be pressed into melted wax on a document. The imprint acted as the 'signature' of the ring wearer. By the middle ages, it was common for documents to be signed in this manner.

Signet rings were further popularised by King Edward II who decreed that all official documents be stamped with his signet ring. It wasn’t long before all the nobility and anyone who held a position of authority owned a signet ring.  

Signet rings also became important heirlooms for wealthy families who passed them on from generation to generation. They became a symbol of family heritage and pride.

Hundreds of years after King Edward, signet rings became the ring of choice of the bourgeoisie but then fell out of favour for a time.

Signet rings came back into fashion in the 18th century.

By the end of the 19th century, people of all classes were wearing signet rings including successful merchants and guild members.

Wax Seal Engraved Signet Ring by Benjamin Black

While signet rings are no longer used to authenticate documents, their allure endures. And rightly so. There’s something about a signet ring that sets the wearer apart. 

Today, people from all walks of life wear signet rings and they can be seen on the hands of celebrities, businessmen and devoted family members alike. Some wear them to make a statement or celebrate a special milestone while others wear signet rings to illustrate ties to loved ones. 

Signet rings are also available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and metals and can be custom designed to reflect each person’s unique personality and story.

The way in which signet rings are made has also evolved. While we make traditional wax seal rings on request, modern manufacturing techniques enable us to create intricate ring designs accurate to fractions of a millimetre.

Wax Seal Signet Ring by Benjamin Black


Whatever meaning you attach to your signet ring, we'll help you create a ring that will be treasured for years to come.



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