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Tell Your Story: Scottish Thistle & Anchor

Tell Your Story: Scottish Thistle & Anchor

In this series we share with you the stories behind the signet rings. Every person - and every ring - carries with it a unique meaning.

Scottish Thistle & Anchor

"My parents immigrated to Wellington in 1966. I was born in New Zealand and we then moved to Australia in the early '80's.

We have connections that date back to the mid 1800’s in NZ and the Scottish connection needs no explanation.  My Great Great Grandfather is buried in Toka Toka in the far north of NZ. We found his grave in the '70’s - Kauri headstone and all.

My granny was an artist born in Canada. She went to Christchurch as a small child in about 1908. She then went to University in London to gain an art degree.

My grandparents went back to NZ during the Great Depression, returning to Scotland,  my mother was born in 1939 in Gairloch Scotland. After the war my grandparents had a shop - Kirk Hand Weave. They were spinners weavers and knitters. Granny Kirstie Kirk also did paintings and hand painted china.

Attached is a picture of them in a newspaper and water colours of the thistle."

Water colour Scottish Thistle

If you would like to tell your story with a custom signet ring, chat to our team of designers about creating a signet ring that represents your story and heritage on or +64 3 546 9137.


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