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Which finger does a signet ring go on?

Which finger does a signet ring go on?

Thinking about buying a signet ring? Wondering which finger to wear it on? 

Signet rings have adorned the fingers of nobility and distinguished individuals for centuries. They have a rich history dating back thousands of years. Originally, they were worn on the little finger of the non-dominant hand. This placement allowed for easy access when sealing important documents, making signet rings both functional and symbolic.

The engraved design on the ring served as a unique personal signature, verifying the authenticity of the seal. Throughout history, signet rings were symbols of authority, power, and identity. They were often passed down through generations, becoming cherished family heirlooms. These rings bore the family crest, monogram, or a significant emblem, making them an unmistakable mark of heritage and legacy.

Today, signet rings continue to exude elegance and individuality. While tradition remains a guiding force, the way we wear them has evolved. There are no strict rules anymore, giving you the freedom to express your style and personality.

Pinky finger:
The tradition of wearing signet rings on the little finger persists, particularly among those who want to pay homage to the historical significance. It adds a touch of classic charm and sophistication.

Ring finger:
Some choose to wear their signet rings on the ring finger of either hand. This placement brings the ring closer to the heart, making it a symbol of personal significance and love.

Middle finger:
The middle finger offers a more prominent and eye-catching display for your custom signet ring. It's a bold choice that commands attention.

Index finger:

Wearing a signet ring on the index finger is a modern twist that signifies confidence and self-assuredness. It's a statement piece that draws attention to your unique style.

Whether you prefer tradition or a contemporary twist, a custom-made high-quality signet ring is a timeless symbol of identity and heritage.

At Benjamin Black, we specialise in creating exquisite signet rings that reflect your individuality. Contact us to order your personalised signet ring, and let it become a cherished part of your own story. 


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