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What gold carat should I choose for my signet ring? (9ct Vs 14ct Vs 18ct - their pros, cons and more)

What gold carat should I choose for my signet ring? (9ct Vs 14ct Vs 18ct - their pros, cons and more)

If you're considering having a gold custom signet ring made, you might be wondering what carat is the best option for you. 9 carat, 14 carat or 18 carat gold - what is the difference between them, and what's the best choice?

Not all gold is created equal. In this article I'll describe the key differences between each gold carat, so when you're placing your custom signet ring order, you can make an informed decision.

The main difference between 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold is the precious metal content. 9ct gold contains 37.5% pure gold, 14ct contains 58.5% pure gold and 18ct gold contains 75% pure gold. The remainder is a mix of various metals, depending on whether it is a yellow, rose or white gold piece.

9 carat yellow gold.

9 carat yellow gold is the most popular gold option in New Zealand and Australia, mainly due to its affordability and durability. With less pure gold in its alloy (37.5%) it is less expensive than 14 and 18 carat gold, and is reasonably hardy due to the other metals in the alloy, so is a good choice for people who work with their hands. 

However, 9 carat is not as malleable and long lasting as the higher carats. It is also lighter in colour and less valuable than 14 and 18 carat gold. 

9 carat yellow gold signet ring

14 carat yellow gold.

14 carat yellow gold is a popular choice for people who want a higher carat than 9 at a lower cost than 18 carat. 

14 carat yellow gold contains 58.5% pure gold and has a slightly green hue. It has a good balance of durability and malleability, due to its gold content, however it is more expensive than 9 carat yellow gold. 

14 carat yellow gold signet ring by Benjamin Black

18 carat yellow gold. 

With 75% pure gold, 18 carat is the premium choice for signet rings. It is the best for wearability and longevity, so if you're wanting an heirloom ring to pass on to future generations, 18 carat is the way to go. 

However, at a significantly higher price than 9 and 14 carat, it's not in everyone's price range, but you get what you pay for because it is worth more and lasts longer. It also has a richer gold colour than the lower carats, which is attractive for many people.

18 carat yellow gold signet ring by Benjamin Black

To summarise, what gold carat you choose for your signet ring will come down to budget, how you will be wearing it, and what your plans are for your ring.

If you don't want to invest a large amount, or work in a labour intensive job, 9 carat could be the best fit. If you want an investment heirloom piece to pass on, then 18 carat will be a good option. And for something in between the two, 14 carat is always a fantastic choice.

To find out more about custom signet rings, or to place an order, get in touch with our expert team at Benjamin Black, give us a call on +64 3 546 9137 or send us an email at - we would love to hear from you!


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