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The Different Types Of Signet Ring Engraving

The Different Types Of Signet Ring Engraving

When ordering a custom signet ring you'll need to think about the type of engraving you would like for your heirloom piece. 

At Benjamin Black we provide four different styles of engraving:

Different Types of Engraving - Custom Signet Rings Benjamin Black

Essentially, laser engraving is a more exact finish, because it is draw up on a computer. Hand and wax seal engraving is done by a specialist engraver (by hand), so it has a more organic aesthetic.

In terms of pricing, laser engraving is much less than hand or wax seal engraving (due to the time and skill involved).

If you'd like to see examples, you can browse our online gallery or our Instagram.

To create your custom signet ring, email us at or phone us on +64 3 546 9137 or order online.



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