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How Much Does A Signet Ring Cost?

How Much Does A Signet Ring Cost?

One of the most common questions we are asked is - "how much does a signet ring cost"?

At Benjamin Black we custom make every individual ring based on the metal, size and type of engraving the customer has chosen.

This means that every ring is a different price based on what has been selected.

One of the first considerations is metal. We only work with precious metals i.e. sterling silver and gold.

In sterling silver, our signet rings start at $440 NZD and go up to $740NZD depending on the size

Whereas in 9 carat yellow gold, our signet rings start at $1940 NZD and go up to $3540 NZD.

The next consideration is engraving - laser engraving, which is the most popular form of engraving, starts at $250 NZD and wax seal engraving (hand engraved in reverse) is $1150 NZD.

Finally, you may want to add a stone, which is usually around the $30-$70 NZD mark, depending on the gemstone.

For a more accurate idea on the price of the signet ring you would like, go to the shop page of our website and select the options you would like. 

Alternatively you can get in touch with us directly by email on or phone on +64 3 546 9137 to organise a quote to create your custom signet ring. 


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