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How long does it take for a signet ring to be made?

How long does it take for a signet ring to be made?

Considering having a signet ring custom made? Wondering how long it will take from start to finish?

In this article, I'll explain the process and time involved in creating your signet ring with Benjamin Black, so you can factor this in when placing your order.

How long does it take for a signet ring to be made?

If you buy a custom-made signet ring from Benjamin Black, it will take approximately 2-4 weeks to create your ring from the date your order or deposit is received.

We can sometimes shorten this timeframe if you are in urgent need of a signet ring—as a gift, for example. Just get in touch with us if you require a quicker lead time.

The timeframe can vary within this period depending on a few factors:

1. Artwork Confirmation: After you place your order, a member of our design team will contact you to begin the design process. They will confirm all the details of your order, including metal and finger size, and begin drawing up the artwork for your engraving, which can take some time depending on the intricacy of your insignia design.

2. Type of Engraving: If you opt for laser engraving, this will generally be quicker to complete than wax seal or hand engraving. This is due to the workload of our master engraver and the amount of skill and time involved in both wax seal and hand engravings.

3. Metal and Gemstone Availability: Sometimes we may need to wait for metal to be replenished by our precious metal supplier. Additionally, certain gemstones may also need to be ordered from our trusted gemstone supplier.

What is the process?

Here is an overview of the signet ring making process, which helps to understand the time involved.

- Step 1: Place Your Order. You can place your custom signet ring order via our website or by emailing

- Step 2: Design. After your order is placed, you will hear directly from one of our designers (within 1-2 working days). Your designer will discuss with you the vision for your engraving(s) and then draw up the artwork for your approval.

- Step 3: Crafting. Your ring will be made and hand-finished in your desired metal, size, and shape. The metal is hand worked to close the grain of the metal, ensuring the highest quality finish and durability.

- Step 4: Engraving. When you have approved the final artwork, your signet ring will then be either laser engraved or hand engraved, depending on the option you have confirmed. As mentioned above, hand and wax seal engraving takes longer to be carried out by our master engraver.

- Step 5: Gemstone Setting. If you have chosen a gemstone for your signet ring, it will be hand set after the engraving has taken place.

- Step 6: Final Polish. This is the final stage of the crafting process, where your ring is professionally polished and shined to perfection.

- Step 7: Final Payment and Shipping. An image of your completed ring will be sent to you for approval, after which your ring will be shipped to you. If there is an outstanding balance due, it will need to be paid before your ring is shipped.

Now you know how long a custom signet ring takes to be made, you'll be well informed before placing your order. Ultimately, the time is variable depending on the type of ring you opt for, however, it should take no longer than 4 weeks from start to finish.

If you have further questions or want to chat about having your custom signet ring made, get in touch with us.


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