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Custom Signet Ring Face Shapes - Which One Should You Choose?

Custom Signet Ring Face Shapes - Which One Should You Choose?

Selecting a custom signet ring can be an exciting and rewarding process. Signet rings are a meaningful way of expressing your individuality, uniting your family, or as a modern heirloom to treasure for generations. 

There are several options to consider when designing your personalised piece, including the face shape of your signet ring. 

How do you go about selecting the best face shape for you? 

Here is a description of the different face shapes we offer at Custom Signet Rings by Benjamin Black to help your decision-making process:

1. Cushion
A classic option characterised by it's soft corners, this face shape works well for most engraving types. It is the most popular face shape selected by customers of Benjamin Black, due to its timeless aesthetic. 


2. Square
A square shaped face is a contemporary option for those people wanting a sleek modern piece with clean lines. This shape works well for those people wanting a statement piece. It's a great choice for more elaborate shoulder engravings, as the wider shoulders allow for more detail. 


3. Portrait Oval 
The Portrait Oval shape is an excellent choice for crests, monograms, logos or symbols that have more vertical length. It is also a popular selection for people wanting a stylish modern keepsake. 


4. Circle
A fantastic modern shape that works well with most engraving designs, and is popular amongst both men and women. 

5. Shield
A statement shaped in itself, this is the perfect selection for bigger hands and is ideal for setting gemstones. The shield-shaped top has an old English aesthetic, which makes for an impressive signet ring choice. 

Shield Shaped Gold Signet Ring by Benjamin Black

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