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Can Women Wear Signet Rings?

Can Women Wear Signet Rings?

Although signet rings were traditionally (mainly, but not exclusively) worn by men - being used for signatory purposes - they have increasingly become a more popular choice for women who want a stylish and meaningful ring to tell their individual story. 

The pinky finger still remains the most common place for women (and men) to wear their signet ring. Originally this was due to the ease of position when wax sealing documents with their ring. Now, it's more about what finger is most comfortable for you to wear your signet ring - and of course, what looks the best.

It's also worth bearing in mind that your signet ring can be engraved with whatever you choose. Nothing is off limits. Our talented designers can bring your vision to life.

From a silhouette of your beloved family pet, to your initials, or perhaps an image of a special place that holds meaning and memories for you, it's important your signet ring encapsulates something special, so it will be cherished now - and for generations.

Here are some examples of custom made women's signet rings we have recently created at Custom Signet Ring by Benjamin Black

Women's Bird Signet Ring by Benjamin Black

Women's Monogram Signet Ring by Benjamin Black

Women's Onyx Signet Ring by Benjamin Black

Looking for a signet ring that is made to your size, in the precious metal of your choice - and engraved with your unique insignia?

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