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Can Signet Rings Be Worn As Wedding Rings?

Can Signet Rings Be Worn As Wedding Rings?

Custom signet rings are becoming increasingly more popular as wedding rings for both men and women.

Here are 3 reasons why signet rings are a fantastic choice as wedding bands:

1. They look great. Signet rings are incredibly stylish and although they have been around since the dawn of time, demand for custom signet rings has grown significantly over the past few years. 

2. They last. Our signet rings are made with precious metals - solid sterling silver and gold - and they are not hollow. The metal is worked by hand to ensure the highest quality piece that will last for many years if not for generations.

3. They are personal. You can engrave signet rings with your family coat of arms/crest, or you can come up with a unique symbol that represents your unique partnership. For example, a monogram that weaves your initials, a personal message engraved on the inside, or images that are meaningful to you both.

Looking for a signet ring as a wedding band? Get in touch with us to organise a quote. 


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