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5 reasons to invest in a signet ring

5 reasons to invest in a signet ring

If you're considering buying a signet ring you might be wondering whether it's a worthwhile investment. Signet rings can range drastically in price, depending on the quality, metal, workmanship and engraving, just to name a few.

In this article I'll explore why people invest in signet rings, so you can decide whether or not to buy one.

Here are the 5 top reasons people invest in a signet ring:

1. An heirloom piece. One of the most alluring reasons to invest in a signet ring is that you can pass it on to future generations. It's a cool way to leave your legacy. Signet rings are usually engraved with meaningful letters, crests, symbols and/or text to reflect your family and individuality. 

As long as you choose a reputable jeweller who makes solid, high quality signet rings, and select a durable metal, your signet ring should last for many years.

Heirloom signet ring by Benjamin Black

2. Capture your identity. Your signet ring should reflect your personal story. This is another reason for their popularity. Not only can you design and engrave something meaningful, you get to wear it every day, which makes it all the more special. 

When working on the design for your engraving, make sure you choose a good graphic designer who can translate your story into images. At Benjamin Black we have an in house design team who work with every signet ring customer, to ensure their individual signet ring design is perfect. 

Custom signet ring by Benjamin Black

It's a really fun process; our customers love seeing their vision come to life.

But don't take my word for it - read the Google reviews here

3. Metal value. Gold is and always has been viewed as a good investment for many people, which is another reason to invest in gold jewellery. Again, make sure you work with a trade certified jeweller, so you can ensure your investment piece is authentic and solid gold (not plated or hollow). It should also be hallmarked with the relevant gold stamp. 

4. Doubles as a wedding ring. Many people choose to wear their signet ring as their wedding band. You can entwine your partner's crest or initials to represent both people, and a signet ring is a great way to showcase a special union. 

5. Family ties. Creating your unique signet ring design is a fantastic way to keep family close, from wherever in the world they may be located. Family members can choose to have the same symbol, with or without additional personalised features, such as initials on the shoulders, in the size, metal and top shape of their choice.

When order a number of signet rings at the same time you can often get a good discount, so it pays to ask your jeweller of choice what they can provide. 

If you're considering investing in a signet ring, get in touch with our signet ring specialists at Benjamin Black - we'd love to chat to you about bringing your ideas to life!


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